From Ellouise: Getting Started on Voices Videos


With 1970s confidence Lucy Blankstein and I began this video project in August 2017. We were determined to give voice to personal stories from women who had shouldered volunteer leadership roles at the beginning. We interviewed 16 women we had worked with then in their studios or their homes - and included  members who are not be here to speak for themselves. The oldest of the group is 92 and the youngest is in her early 60s. All are vital in their communities today and continue to make and exhibit art.   

Just as the Washington Women’s Art Center once served to give DC area women artists opportunities and a much needed exhibition space in the 1970’s, the 2018 Alper Initiative LATITUDE Exhibition recognizes the importance of the Washington Women's Arts Center’s contribution to the Metro D.C Area Art Scene and to the women’s artist movement. These videos include valuable oral history 18 artists who were active WWAC members in the 1970s.